LA County Fair

By Makayla Corfield

LA County Fair, a fun event for family and friends. My mom and I are from California and go to the fair every year and end up coming up with new ways to have fun. We stopped doing/ paying to go on roller coasters after last year because riding the same rides every year can get a little boring and repetitive. Every year we set goals, this year it was a lot of food and trying to find things that we needed but couldn't get everyday. The best way to do the fair is to be there at the opening (10 am) and if you want to do roller coaster do that immediately, then get food, expo halls and on your way back to the front play games, go by the farm or outside living. This means that the best gate to go into is the Yellow gate because you start where food and roller coasters are. Usually we do the roller coasters first and then after we are done with roller coasters and food we go straight to the Expo Halls for a little retail therapy and the non-shopping halls to just chill and be a human. But this year we did the Jurassic Planet exhibition, my best friend and I loved this one because it was learning about the prehistoric world in the time of the dinosaurs and had interactive activities, the only down fall is you're going up and down hills the whole time. After the Jurassic Park exhibition we got fried pickles. This was my favorite fair food there this year, it was a lot and I ate almost all of it, so flavor wise it was a 10/10 for me and my mom. They had a hall dedicated to Magic, Dragons and Beasts. This was one of my favorite halls because it was not crowded and had a bunch of interactive things to-do (games, stage show and a virtual reality game). On our way to that hall my mom and I stopped to get a Maple-Bacon-Donut for the price it was worth it, it was really big and sweet and not my taste (4/10). Then it was on the way out I stopped for the one thing that I wanted, my hand done in wax. It was really nice but felt really weird. And then we headed out. This year there was no were near as many things to do than previous years but it was just as fun, it’s not really about what you do, it's about who you go with and how the people with you and yourself decide to do and how you go about doing it.