100 New Years Resolutions Ideas

By Ella Jones / @elzyella on Instagram

The new year brings around the annual task for setting new years resolutions. I have written out 100 new years resolutions for you to choose from if you are running out of ideas. You can select one resolution to focus on each month. It is much less overwhelming to focus on creating 1 new habit at a time. If you commit to a habit for 30 days it becomes much easier to intertwine into your life without as much effort. If you like, you can track your habits to make sure you complete them every day or at least once a week (depending on the resolution you have made.) Let’s start living life to the fullest!

New years resolution Ideas:

1. Read more

2. Learn a new language

3. Drink more water

4. Explore and travel more

5. Cook at home more

6. Spend less time on phone

7. Create a new morning routine

8. Exercise at least once a week

9. Start journalling

10. Take more photographs

11. Print out more photo memories

12. Choose healthier meal options

13. Try a new fitness class

14. Attend more concerts

15. Declutter home-space

16. Declutter email inbox

17. Learn meditation

18. Forgive yourself for your mistakes

19. Accept your body more

20. Show verbal gratitude to your friends and family

21. Take one risk every day

22. Let go of the past, start the year fresh

23. Begin a yoga ritual

24. Stop procrastinating

25. Spend more time outside

26. Adapt to a regular sleep pattern

27. Wake up earlier each morning

28. Check facts before making judgments

29. Focus on education more, prioritise it

30. Stretch every evening

31. Create a spendings budget

32. Curse less

33. Have a brighter outlook on each day

34. Set clear goals every day-week-month

35. Don’t eat out so often

36. Pay all bills on time

37. Start a passion-project or a side-hustle

38. Practise mindfulness every day

39. Make new friends

40. Re-connect with old friends

41. Volunteer regularly

42. Go waste-free/recycle more- recycle more than you throw away

43. Spend money on experiences and not material items

44. Go forward with your ideas more

45. Watch less TV, go to the theatre instead

46. Unfollow accounts that don’t inspire you

47. Cut back on processed foods

48. Stop smoking

49. Wear SPF every day

50. Plan your dream holiday

51. Learn to use Microsoft office programs 

52. Send thank-you cards are often

53. Read before bed

54. Start using a planner

55. Practice using good manners

56. Try meatless Monday

57. Call family members more 

58. Sit down less

59. Train to run a marathon

60. Find a new song everyday

61. Open a savings account

62. Drop a bad habit you have always wanted to drop

63. Donate unwanted clothes to charity

64. Buy more clothes from thrift shops, less from high-street brands

65. Donate money to charity every month

66. Commit to constant improvement of yourself

67. Learn a new skill

68. Take up a new hobby

69. Record your dreams in a notebook

70. Spend time alone more often

71. Deal with problems head-on and solve them as soon as they arise

72. Don’t make assumptions or have unrealistic  expectations

73. Always try your best at everything you do

74. Balance work and play and rest equally

75. Prioritise tasks and try not to multitask

76. Spend less time focussing on fake-friends

77. Learn to be happy when alone but also when in a group

78. Practice public speaking

79. Be a better listener

80. Stop gossiping about others

81. Write a book

82. Get out of debt

83. Improve time management to stop being late

84. Reduce alcohol intake / quit drinking

85. Take time out of every day to rest and rejuvenate

86. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning

87. Realise it is okay to say no

88. Develop an unique personal style

89. Be kind to strangers

90. Support what is right in the face of what is wrong

91. Surround yourself with positive people

92. Allow yourself to feel emotions, try not to contain them

93. Determine your values and push them through everything you do

94. Create a bucket list

95. Don’t compare yourself to others

96. Be more decisive

97. Try new food and meals

98. Watch more documentaries instead of Tv dramas

99. Be creative outside of work

100. Actually follow through on a new years resolution.