EP review: 'Revive the Masses' by LIFELONG

By Deanna Davenport


Let’s talk about a little bit of music history. A band called Confide from Anaheim, California gets together in 2004. In 2009, they sign with Warner Bros music label. From my knowledge, the band broke up in 2010, but got back together in 2012. They released their third album called “All is Calm” then ultimately broke up in July 2013. Their fans have been patiently waiting since then to see if they would once again take the stage, but as it stands right now, Confide is dead.

Instead, we have the pleasure of getting to know LIFELONG, which consists of Ross Kenyon, Joel Piper, and Trevor Vickers. While I was what I consider a background fan of Confide (someone who knew of their existence and a couple of their songs, but didn’t idolize them as much as other bands), if LIFELONG were to have a concert near me, I’d try to get tickets. I’d still be a background fan, but not to the same extent. Instead of simply enjoying a couple of songs, I might play the entire album from time to time. If one of my more religious friends wanted to get into metalcore, I’d start them off with LIFELONG.

While the album didn’t give me any impressions of being that great upon my first listen, I found myself humming some of the lyrics as I went about my day. So, when I listened to it a second time, I paid more attention. That’s when I realized that Revive the Masses is an EP to start off an amazing career for this band. The first track, “Yours Alone” was a great start to the album. It gives an amazing feel of what LIFELONG is all about. The screams are fantastic, and with no other words to describe them, I can say that they give off the sense that Kenyon really believes the lyrics, which is what you want from a religious artist. I also love how Piper (drums) and Vickers (guitar) blend together so seamlessly throughout not just this song, but the entire album. You can tell that they know how to work together.

I don’t think I can choose just one song on this album as a favorite. I thought that “Yours Alone” was going to be my favorite until I heard “Revive the Masses” and that continued through to “Today”, the last track. They all serve a purpose. “Yours Alone” is the beginning of this entire group. It serves as the start of an experience and when fans hear it, they will be fully committed to LIFELONG to feed their spiritual metalcore needs. “Revive the Masses”, “Found a Way”, and “Morning” all take you deeper into the LIFELONG wave. They serve to cover you. “Today” leaves you wanting more in the way any good album should. This was a successful EP.

I feel like LIFELONG is such an ambitious project. Who would have thought that anyone would make metalcore (a genre for the outcasts) and Christian music (a genre for a group of people who believe in following rules for the higher power) come together? Who could have anticipated that anyone would make music for the hardcore fans that want to get closer to God? Even more to the point, who would have thought it would work so well? The greatest thing that Kenyon, Vickers, and Piper could have done together was make that happen in 2018, at a time where it’s really needed. I honestly suggest listening to this album with headphones at a time when you can lay down or dedicate yourself solely to it because Revive the Masses will take you into a personal journey and leave you wanting more, not only from LIFELONG, but in your relationship with God.



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