Song review: "Honey" by Fashion Jackson

By Drea Eden


On Friday, May 25th, Californian indie garage-pop band Fashion Jackson released their long-anticipated single, “Honey,” following their three EPs Gossamer, It Doesn’t Rain in California, and She’s Alright, all released last year. The single fits in perfectly with their previous sound, somewhat ethereal and strange, but in a good way. Upon first listen, the vibe of Fashion Jackson confused me, but after the second listen, I found myself obsessed. They’re definitely unlike anything I had heard before, but I was endlessly intrigued by their creativity.

The track allows bassist Sterling Gietzen to shine, delving into more of a groovy style. Vocalist Eddy Allen starts the song with intense reverb on the line “boy, you’re a mess”, which feels dream-like, followed by tasteful autotune which I felt was pretty out-of-the-box and grabbed my attention. Drummer Shawn Gardner plays a relatively simple but prominent drum beat that shifts between being laid back with the groovy verses and really setting the tone for the heavier parts of the song.

This song leaves me excited to see what is to come for Fashion Jackson throughout the rest of this year. I would definitely recommend this song to fans of the indie pop genre; for example, fans of MILKK and The Frights.

You can find them on all streaming platforms or social media at the links below: