Unfazed Opinions #1 - Donald Trump

By Alanna Hadley

My name’s Alanna and I know just as much about politics as our president knows about being president. So…. very little. But "Unfazed Opinions" isn’t CNN or a gossip column, it’s a place where I can blabber on and on about myself and my opinion while simultaneously trying to be funny. And making fun of America is going to be quite easy. You’ve got to admit – our country is literally one big joke. Or maybe you don’t live in the U.S. (I wish) Perhaps you live in Scotland, or the U.K., maybe even as close as Canada, where your Prime Ministers, Queens, and Presidents aren’t game show hosts and have the littlest bit of respect for other people. But we got the Trumpster. C’MON, I mean the bare minimum we ask for is someone the slightest bit attractive.

I’m going to ask a serious question here. Does any, and I mean anyone, find Donald Trump remotely attractive? Anyone? If Don-Don was more attractive would we have a different opinion on him? I mean his slogan could be, “I got looks, money, and that’s about it.”  Would more women vote for him? Because personally when I look past his really bad spray tan, I see an extremely sexist, transphobic, homophobic, and racist piece of crap. But ya’ know maybe if he looked like Justin Trudeau – Canada’s Prime Minister – I wouldn’t be so blunt about it...

Okay, let's go back to talking about me. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my opinion and I guess that’s another reason why we’ve created "Unfazed Opinions." Because your opinion on my opinion doesn’t affect my opinion on you. (tongue twistaaa) Your opinion may not affect mine – or maybe it will - but I enjoy listening to other people’s opinions. So, let me know your unfazed opinion in the comments below! Do you find Donald attractive? If he was more attractive do you think that would change people’s opinion on him? COMMENT BELOW!