Song Review: "Never Alone" by First in Flight

By Mary Perez

Pink shoes are the first thing one sees in First in Flight’s newest video for single “Never Alone.” The Milpitas-based band have a self-described sound of being like “cotton candy in a mosh pit,” and released the long-awaited song and video on December 7.

In our interview with the band last month, vocalist Pat McCloskey gave us the following insight to the song’s meaning: There’s a couple lines in there that talk about being afraid of people leaving you, people not being good people, whatever the case might be, and pulling yourself away but only isolating yourself more. It doesn’t solve the problem. The song’s called “Never Alone,” and the main line is “Don’t leave me alone.” It’s kinda a call for help, as I push people away, but it’s that “Don’t leave me though! Even though I’m pushing you away…” It’s that internal conflict about it. I think it’s a good message and something people can relate to because as you go through tough times, you do have to decide on relationships with people and that “How am I gonna approach this in the future? Am I gonna stay? Am I gonna go?”

McCloskey’s dramatic facial expressions emphasize the full range of emotions that one experiences when going through that inevitable loss of relationships. In a recent Q&A, the band revealed that the concept behind the video was inspired through the idea of facades, which is displayed through the usage of masks through the second half of the video. The shift in color scheme midway through the video truly establishes that broken connection, as everything is washed over with pink and purple lighting. While staying true to the band’s aesthetic, the colors also serve to illuminate the panic and confusion that McCloskey mirrors in his lyricism. This video’s message is cohesive and well-received, as the band is able to maintain a focus on the concept that they attempt to describe in their lyrics. The usage of masks and lighting shifts create a storyline that successfully captures the emotional processing of the idea of “Never Alone.”

The song itself is able to maintain an upbeat tempo to feel like a dance song without pulling away from the powerful meaning and idea behind the song. The prominent bass line running through the verses truly stands out However, McCloskey’s powerful vocal control creates a rather emotional element to the song that contrasts to the catchy melody. The synths that appear in the song pair well with the drums and guitars by adding that classic dance rock feel of First in Flight.

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