Poetry: 'New Year, New Me' by Christine Ysidoro

New Year, New Me

By Christine Ysidoro


Spring is here again, it’s that time of the year.

Students graduating, students transferring.

You know the saying,

“Out with the old, In with the new,”

Well, It’s partaking.


College is full of wonderful and joyful experiences.

You’ll always remember your High School English class’ thesis.

Maybe you’ve moved out or are commuting from home;

But don’t forget what exactly got you in the zone.


Mental Health is something not everyone always talks about.

So don’t forget to meditate, breathe, and share all your thoughts out loud.


These days are going to be one hell of a ride.

Prepare your seatbelt,

Because that day is going to come where you’ll reach high to the sky.


You may think you’ve already been through it all.

But sorry to break it to you, baby,

You’re just at the beginning from your fall.


Don’t let anyone ever tell you what you can or what you can’t.

No one else but you should measure the size of your commands.

So make sure you learn to take charge and speak out for your own.

That day will come when things start to feel like it’s out of control.


One day you’ll eventually learn to pick yourself up.

It’ll start to get easy,

And finally, things won’t seem to feel so shitty.


You’ll be indestructible, resilient, and that powerhouse you never sought to seek.

Don’t forget to thank yourself or your people,

Because it helped from feeling weak to your knees.


Stay grateful, stay hopeful, and don’t stray from your loves.

That’s the number one thing that shoots from above.


Keep your head in the game and remember it’s not always about fame.

Enjoy life every second because you’re a new person,

It’s not going to be the same.