Poetry: 'Photograph of Us' & 'Beautiful Things'

By Makayla Corfield

Photograph of Us

The story we could tell

Through a single photograph

We took together


Would never change

A moment frozen in time

We could remember forever

That time and day

And wish we could

Relive it forever


The story is good

Of the best of times

Us standing together

On top of the world

No one to drag us down

No one to hurt us


The story we could tell

Through a single photograph

I’ll hold on to forever


In my pocket forever

Because we were unstoppable together

And always will be

No matter where

No matter when

Inseparable for life


Our story will live on

Through this photograph

We took so long ago

We may not remember when

But remember

we’ll always be together


Because The story we could tell

Through a single photograph

Will live on forever

Beautiful Things

Poetry at its finest

Art is always beautiful

But what is poetry

Without its feelings

What is art

Without a subject


Society at its finest

Girls should always wear makeup

But what is society

Without its Dictators

But what is a girl

She is not an object


Society's views objectify

And dehumanize

My view is of Beautiful things

Society trashes

Why do we feel obligated to abide


Harsh rules meant to hurt

People mean to riot

I sit here and watch

This beautiful destruction

The government hates me

Because I question its truth


Rebellion at its finest

People are meant to question

Rebel against

These hateful laws they made

Always question

These Beautiful lies


The most beautiful things,

Were always lies