EP Review: Hex Hex Hex by Slow Bloom


by Makayla Corfield

I have had the chance to listen to and review the EP Hex Hex Hex from the rising Northern California based alternative/noise rock band Slow Bloom. Hex Hex Hex was released on February 21, 2018 by Slow Bloom. While at times for myself it might be hard to understand the words, this EP kept drawing me back with a want to give it another listen to see if I notice something that wasn't there before. To me, this is an album I will definitely listen to at the gym or pool while warming up, or going for a run. It's fast passed and makes you want to move or at the very least nod your head along.


While I had a hard time pronouncing half the names on the EP, it left me with the main question as to why some of the songs are named the way they are.


My favorite song off the EP is definitely "Sarcaphaguts" for these main reasons: it's hard to just sit still and listen to. It's catchy and a perfect song to have in the middle of the album to keep people listening and wanting more. The last two songs on the album, "Cataracts" and "Hex Hex Hex", are just as catchy and attention drawing as "Saracaphaguts". These three songs are just catchy and something I could listen to multiple times and never get tired of.


While "Neon Sequitor" and "Immaculate" might not be something I would listen to everyday, they are great songs to start an album with because the sound just draws your attention, and keeps you riveted on "What was that, I need to hear more to understand what I just listened to."  These two songs have definitely earned a spot on my top pump-up songs because of the energy and beat they have.  You might not know how to move to these songs but you just want to move.


Whether you like alternative/noise rock or not, I would really recommend giving this band -- or at the very least, this EP -- a chance.  At my first listen to the first two songs, I thought I wouldn't like it, but after the 2nd and 3rd time I listened, I found myself enraptured between the intoxicating beat of the drums and guitar riffs. This is a bad comparison, but the only one I can make is that this band at first listen gave me a very Fidlar sound.


This EP is like an onion. It takes an acquired taste and has many layers. Hex Hex Hex is a good EP if you like this type of music, or if you're in the mood to try something new.