Song Review: "Idea of Her" by Whitney Woerz

By Alanna Hadley | Photo from

At 16 years old, Whitney continues to release organic music while simultaneously bringing awareness to issues that mean something to her. Taking "Idea of Her" as an example, the song is about seeing someone only for their beauty, liking the idea of someone but there’s a secret darkness to her on the inside. And Woerz brings that message across not only by the lyrics alone but the music too.

With the first verse being “You like the idea of her / Just the thought of beauty in your mind / But rip away the skin / See a heart that's just pumping black blood,” yet having such a bright, upbeat tempo with splashes of percussive color in contrast to her breathy voice and dark lyrics it blends and creates a beautiful symphony of music enticing you to move your feet.

The casual, pop song has a catchy tune with an indescribable depth to it. Released in earlier this year, Woerz’s song has been growing in popularity, with her music video accumulating over 7 million views.  With its meaningful yet quick to remember lyrics, this was without difficulty, one of my favorite secret songs of the summer.  Although summer is quickly concluding, I will still be blasting "Idea of Her" in my car for the rest of the year!