Scary Stories for the Spooky Season (from the Fall issue)

BY Alanna Hadley 

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Having a problem staying awake? Read any of the stories in this list, and sleep is going to be the least of your worries. Be prepared with an extra change of clothes because I can guarantee these stories will make you crap your pants. From children with black eyes to decaying clowns, here are 5 of the best Reddit stories to read this Halloween.

1.       I Don’t Think They’re Clowns.

A Reddit user by the name of “whatsurgentsays” recounts his experience with a clown that you could say was out of the ordinary. He is enjoying his weekly escape from his significant other by having a few beers by the campfire with his friends. A little after midnight he decides to walk home after his fiancé couldn’t provide a ride home. As the young man was walking down the dark streets he heard a startling honk. If you’d like to hear what happens next, read “I Don’t Think They’re Clowns by whatsurgentsays”

2.       Attention Citizens: Dressing Up is Strictly Forbidden.

It may be under 500 characters, but this mini read will make you think twice about going to that costume party. In a time where dressing up is forbidden, Reddit user “Zchxz” has to get his Halloween fix in one way or another. He found himself in a bar where an illegal Halloween party was being held.  Decked out in a police costume, he used his “authoritative vibe” to lure a sweet girl down a less crowded alleyway. If you’d like to hear what happens next, read “Attention Citizens: Dressing up is strictly forbidden by Zchxz”

3.       Don’t Pretend to be Them.

Link coming soon.

4.       Fun House.

I didn’t know Wi-Fi signals could reach seven feet under, but this next Reddit user is writing from the dead. “eggZalted” on Reddit is not your run-of-the-mill, slam doors and drop chandeliers type ghost. His stubbornness has gotten the best of him and he now watches over the residents of his once home, guaranteeing their protection. But when a quirky man moves in all hell breaks loose. Later on Halloween night, the unnamed resident invites a “hunk of man” over and his suiter quickly becomes a victim. If you’d like to hear what happens next, read “Fun House by eggZalted

5.       He Keeps Coming Back.

Whether alive or dead, this story will remind to give every trick-or-treater candy. The year is 2007 and while his friends enjoy a night at the bar this Reddit user (with a name I really do not wish to say) has decided to stay in a slam the door in trick-or-treaters faces. But when heading to the door for his next round of slamming he is met with an assortment of children, most decked in grim reaper costumes except for one. With a gash across his neck and eyes stained with fear, this fellow had really gone all out. But when the rest of the children were shooed away, and the kid just stood there with his hand out and stared, that’s when (guy with a name I still don’t wish to say) realized it wasn’t a costume. But when he kept coming back every year that’s when he realized it wasn’t a kid.  If you’d like to hear what happens next, read “He Keeps Coming Back by (read it and find out)”