Review: Searching


Searching (review)

By Benjamin Allen Dickson

Searching is The Blair Witch Project of Computer Screen POV Films. Yes Unfriended came first, but Blair Witch wasn’t the first to do found footage either, yet it popularized the style and used it in a totally unique and original way. Blair Witch’s marketing campaign changed the game of how movies were seen, and while this film isn’t using ARG’s or anything that wild, it manages to take a style choice that doesn’t work on the big screen on its (example being Unfriended) and manages to make it into a beautiful spectacle. I love that this movie doesn’t try to be found footage, it is an edited cinematic experience that makes the concept wholly new and completely separate from the gimmick used in Unfriended.

This should be shown in film school as a lesson in using limitations in a creative and unique way.
Absolutely mesmerizing and exhilarating. Love that this film feels natural, everything from how the characters talk (even the teenagers, which is rare!) to how people old or young use the internet. Everything about this film feels real.

I absolutely love this film, easily one of my favorites of the year.

THIS FILM GETS A ………………….. 9/10