Review: The Last Jedi


Review by Benjamin Allen Dickson

This movie is so good because I love Star Wars, I love Porgs and BB-8, they are so cute! I used to hate Star Wars but then I got a Star Wars T-shirt at Hot Topic so now I love it! The Last Jedi is by far the best Star Wars movie ever made, maybe even the greatest movie ever made! This film will stand the test of time as being one of the most tonally consistent movies, one of the most exciting movies and by far the film with the best story structure. Every scene in this film has a purpose, like when Finn and Rose go to the casino planet for no reason. Or when the pink hair lady refuses to tell Poe their defense plans which could have saved them, but instead she chooses not to so we have conflict in the movie. Poe needed something to do, so there you go. I love the scene where Leia gets blown up and then uses the force to glide to safety when floating in front of a green screen, I mean the deep depths of outer space.

I loved all the memorable characters, like whats-his-name, and that one lady. Especially Rose, who was in the movie just to sacrifice herself for no reason. I really loved that scene. I loved seeing C-3PO and R2D2, because these are characters that I know, and it wouldn't be a Star Wars movie without them in the shot for 5 seconds. I also liked having them in the movie to remind me I was watching a Star Wars movie, it's easy to forget with all these new faces, I needed someone I can recognize.


I hated the Snooki death scene, the throne room scene in general. Where's the jokes? It's not a Star Wars film without jokes. Remember the jokes that Jar Jar Binks made in the prequels? That is a huge highlight in the Skywalker saga. The rest of the movie got it right with the jokes, like when Luke is a funny man, which is good because I like to laugh. I enjoy feeling the sensation of laughter. All of the other scenes have HILARIOUS moments that make the popcorn spew out of my mouth from laughing, except the Snooki death scene. I need jokes in my movie or else I hate it, or at least put in C-3PO so I can say tell my friends that I know who that gold guy is.  

Overall, I LOVE this movie. I can't wait to see where the boardroom of Disney executives takes the saga next. Good job Disney A++!


This film gets a ………………….. 6/10 !